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Rapture Icons was created on Halloween night, October 31st 2005. It is run by Jen [aka smelltheflowers]

As of March 31st, 2006 Rapture Icons is 'Members Only'.

If you would like to join, simply click the 'Join Community' button in the community information. The only things which will impede your joining is if you have not credited for any icons in the past or if you're a member of icon stealing communities.

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1] Comment if you are taking any of the icons
I appreciate every piece of feedback I recieve, and like to know who is using my icons. Even if you are not interested in taking any of a particular batch, I still welcome any comments about the icons.

2] Credit in the 'Userpic Keywords'
I work very hard on every icon I post, and would like credit for my trouble. Please credit the community name 'Raptureicons' in the keywords. Not sure how to give credit? Scroll down for a quick, easy tutorial.

3] Upload to your own server
This means that you must host the image on your own. Do not direct link the image, as this will cause me to run out of bandwidth. If this happens, then I can no longer share the icons I make.

4] Do not edit any of the icons
I post my icons a certain way, and expect them to remain that way.

5] Textless icons are not bases

6] Nominations are always welcome
If you like one of my icons and would like to nominate it in an awards community, that's great! All I ask is that you leave a message telling me which icon you had nominated and in which community. Thanks!

How to Credit


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